The main function of a corporate CEO is to promote and openly cultivate a culture of corporate success. This means that most corporate CEO's end up working long days, often as much as 16 hours, communicating with customers, employees, shareholders and other investors to communicate the basic aims and plans of their company. A CEO usually starts the day while it is still dark, commuting to work and staying it touch with people in their operation, customers and investors the entire time. The fact is that a CEO will hardly ever get a free moment. They are always in touch with everyone who is involved in their company.

After arriving at the office, your average CEO will have numerous meetings scheduled with all kinds of people involved in their company. These may be private meetings with just a few upper level staff members, or large presentations that they deliver to large segments of the work force. These meetings can go on all day long. In between the meetings, your average CEO will have to take phone calls, answer email and deal with questions from staff constantly. In fact, the majority of corporate CEO's work well into the night, skipping meals, with little or no time for their families or for their private lives. It takes a person with a special level of dedication to be able to handle this level of corporate success. This is why CEO's are given such high compensation.For more facts and information about Mark Hurd, you can go to

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